The DSB train . . . Goes on, and on, and on, and on! –

The DSB train . . . Goes on, and on, and on, and on!

Posted On:01.14.2018
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The DSB train . . . Goes on, and on, and on, and on!

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ANAHEIM, CA—There is always a great sense of anticipation when one prepares to attend a DSB concert. Last night at The Grove of Anaheim, it was a time to celebrate 9 years of what has become the world’s most celebrated tribute to the music of Journey. Along for the ride were youth group Minor Strut and polished Billy Idol tribute, Idol X.

Commencing at 7pm sharp, the fun and youthful Minor Strut took the stage and played a variety of popular tunes, most of which were penned well before the birth of each band member. In an almost a satirical manner, they played the Bryan Adams tune “Summer of ‘69” taking the liberty of changing the title to “Winter of ‘78.” The twelve year old front man had all the savvy and moves of a seasoned pro boasting a couple times about how the bass player and senior member of the group were old enough to drive. All songs were done nicely and effectively made you wonder just how bright a future these kids may have ahead of them.

Next on the bill was Idol X, a tribute to the music of Billy Idol, lead by one Mathew Eberhart. Often with tribute bands, the emphasis is placed almost exclusively on appearance leaving the musical integrity of the songs to suffer. This most certainly is not the case with Idol X. Though visually striking as an eighties clone, this tribute to (Billy) Idol is most importantly a highly precise and entertaining vehicle that whisks the audience through very faithful and true renditions of every song. Skilled musicianship and a very talented and disciplined front man pay homage to a great catalogue of tunes. The performance is real and powerful and in no way pretentious.

Amazing bands providing equally amazing performances leads me back to the whole reason for the evening, DSB’s 9th year anniversary. After all of this time together, DSB still delivers the goods. Just when you think you have them figured out they change things up by shuffling the set list. The goal, of course, is to deliver true and accurate renditions of all of your favorite Journey songs. The manner in which these songs are delivered can change and evolve sometimes providing a fresh approach. It may be redundant for this author to mention the talent and charisma that this group possesses, but to omit that fact would be extremely neglegent. This is a group that hooks you and takes you for a journey, as it were, through so many classic and intoxicating melodies. This night, once again, they were truly on their game transporting the audience through such an eclectic set for which the faithful followers have become all too familiar with.  From Roger’s technical wizardry on the frets to Tony’s thunderous baselines. From Danny’s steady and poignant tempo to Henry’s cascading keyboards, each serve to provide the perfect backing track for Juan’s energetic and soulful vocals. This is, to me, the ultimate Journey tribute experience and certainly, this evening, that was exactly the case. Here’s hoping for many more years of this fun and joyous ride on the DSB train.


Bob Bacon is a resident of Buena Park, CA, and an avid concert goer who has great affection for live musical performance and the artists that provide it.